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Boswell Sisters Quotes They were special. They were unique. And although they were born elsewhere, Martha, Connie, and Helvetia “Vet” Boswell were pure New Orleans. End of Boswell Sisters Quote
- Steve Steinberg, Offbeat Magazine
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There are lots of folks around the web that are helping to keep alive the memory of Connee, Vet, and Martha. Below are some of our favorite links. If you have a link to suggest, just email us!

Ramblin' 'Round the Radio Dial

With over 70 sides recorded, plus the Cboz solos, DJs have mined the Boswell Sisters music for many a show. Some of our favorites are available online!

JimmyJazz of WOOL FM, Vermont has a pair of shows that feature the best of the Bozzies, narrated with quotes from those who knew and loved them as well as the Sisters themselves.

Just navigate on over to http://www.jimmiejazzarchive.com and scroll past some other great names of the 1920s and 30s until you reach the launch button for Boswell Sisters. Launch the player for a delightful two hours of The Boswell Sisters Show No. 1. You’ll notice under the picture of the Sisters a hyperlink that says “Click here for Boswell Sisters Show No. 2.” It’s some of the best bozzie listening on the web!

The original Boswell Rennaisance that emerged in the late 70s and 80s owed a lot to the DJs like Bill Chambless of WVUD-FM in Newark, Delaware. His “Scratchy Grooves” features a pair of shows that will really get the Boz rolling. Using the original 78s he did a marvelous show that features the Rhythm Boys (with Bing Crosby) and the Boswell Sisters. The Sisters are on their own in another 60 minute shellac attack devoted to their music. Connie is also featured as a soloist in a number of the shows in this swell collection – to tune in and move with the Scratchy Grooves. Get Bozzed!



There’s a great article by Steve Steinberg in Offbeat magazine. This article credits Connee’s paralysis to an accident, contrary to what you will read in the bozzies.com timeline. We’ve seen the articles from the 30s and 40s that spell out this version of the story and have seen evidence to support that Connee had a theory that accidents left people vulnerable to contracting the disease. But we base our timeline statement on a TV interview with Connee did with Lee Phillips in 1963 where she states that she had infantile paralysis, as well as an interview Vet did with Lou Dumont of Keene State College which may be heard on the CD “First Ladies of Radio featuring the Boswell Sisters.”



A decent filmography and resources for ordering Boswell Music is available at http://www.parabrisas.com/d_boswellsisters.php.

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Boswell Sisters Bios
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